Friday, February 12, 2010

Curvy things I love!

I love pears - not just the flavour and the fact that they are low GI, I love the shape. They're so curvy and feminine and I love that there are so many designers doing pears! I also am a bit partial to an egg shape...which, let's face it, is not dissimilar to the pear. Here's some of my faves.

Orange Egg Bank by J. Schatz
Copperwire Provencale Pears by Yoola
Crocheted Pear Coasters by Crochele
"Sweet" Mini Emotion by Art Mind (highly recommend you check out the full range of emotions represented in clay, they are amazing!)
Large Bee Bowl by Jill Rosenwald
Ball Brause Sprinkler for Nuno Felting (used to lightly wet down the wool roving) by Felting Supply
Gas Grill by Eva Solo
Blue Egg Bird Feeder by J. Schatz
The Kindness Pears by Lapomme
Sun Yellow Egg Planter by J. Schatz

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