Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cream & Black

It's funny how you see something when out buying bread that just stops you and leads you on a world wide search...and a blog post! That's what happened yesterday. I was at the supermarket, racing around trying to get out and away from the werewolves (it was witching hour at 5pm) as quickly as possible. I normally pay no attention to baby strollers but I passed one in the aisle (which surprisingly didn't take up the whole aisle) - it was cream and black...and oh soooo stylish! I actually stopped and turned around to take another look. I was so taken with the colour started me looking for more of this combo. I'm normally a bright white/modern french provincial girl but I think I could be converted to cream and black...with a little white thrown in! Here's what I found.

BTW, although I trained and worked as a Nanny for many years in a previous life, I have no idea if the stylish stroller is safe/practical does look good though! And I must say that the photo does not do it justice.

I've been considering doing a limited edition metallic charcoal knifeblock but I may just have to do a mix of cream with charcoal - natural paint of course! Let me know your thoughts xxx

Stokke XPlory Stroller
Black & Cream Nenish Tarts by Epicurious (click link for recipe)
Astro II Chair by King Furniture
Tiny Bow Fabric Button Earrings by Cream Rose via Etsy
Felt Pelt by Modern Fibre Lab via Etsy
Tara Keely Dress via
Pearl Leather Choker by Irinas Island via Etsy
Country Toile Baby Shoes by Sewings Sparklz via Etsy
VW Bug by Volkswagen
Love Dish by The Brick Kiln via Etsy
Ivory Chiffon Flower Bag by Mojo Spa Style via Etsy
Castelbel Coconut Candle via
Cream and Black Camera Bag by xcessrize via Etsy

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