Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shades of Blue

I'm inspired by shades of duck egg blue, teal and turquoise at the moment...perhaps it's becaue I've been covered in duck egg blue painting my knife blocks (see right).

There's some fabulous organic hand printed fabrics around and I just want to buy them all! Here's my faves...and the best part, they can all be bought online! Yey! Gotta love shopping at midnight when the creative juices are flowing....

Below: Thea & Sami - Fraser Island

Above: Prints Charming - Heart Print Kit

Below: Pippijoe - Orchard

Now...what am I going to make??!!

1 comment:

KT Doyle said...

Wow Susan, I love your knife block! Going to check it out on Etsy now! Congratulations on a fantastic and original idea!